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HTML 4.0 Entities for Symbols and Greek Letters -

Greek small letter alpha, α, α, α, α, α, α. Greek small ... Greek small letter epsilon, ε, ε, ε, ε, ε, ε. Greek small ... Greek small letter lambda, λ, λ, λ, λ, λ, λ. Greek small letter mu, μ, &# 956;, μ, μ, μ, μ ... Greek small letter rho, ρ, ρ, ρ, ρ, ρ, ρ.

x3b1 - Code Table .NET

Symbol Name: Greek Small Letter Alpha. Html Entity: α. Hex Code: &#x3b1 ;. Decimal Code: α. Unicode Group: Greek and Coptic ...

Greek letters in HTML, XML, TeX, and Unicode - John D. Cook

α, \alpha, α, x3B1. β, \beta, &beta ... ε, \epsilon, ε, x3B5. ζ, \zeta, &zeta ... ι, \iota, ι, x3B9. κ, \kappa, κ, x3BA. λ, \lambda, λ, x3BB. μ, \mu, μ, x3BC. ν, \nu, &nu ... ρ, \rho, ρ, x3C1 ... ψ, \psi, ψ, x3C8.

HTML entity reference - HowToCreate

α, α, α, α. β, &#946 ... ε, ε, ε, ε ... ι, &#953 ;, ι, ι. κ, κ, κ, κ. λ, λ, λ, λ. μ, μ, μ, μ ... ρ, ρ, ρ, ρ ... ψ, ψ, ψ, ψ.

Does Glaucoma Alter Eye Movements When Viewing Images of ...

Jul 2, 2018 ... ... were investigated. Results: In the worse eye, saccade amplitude\(\def\upalpha {\unicode[Times]{x3B1}}\)\(\def\upbeta{\unicode[Times]{x3B ...

XML-ized the ISO character entity sets - The XML Cover Pages

Creator: Rick Jelliffe Version: 1997-07-07 --> <!ENTITY alpha "α" ><!--= small alpha ... vartheta - curly or open theta--> <!ENTITY iota "ι" ><! .... small iota, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.kappa "&XML-GRK4-STAG;κ&XML- GRK4-ETAG;" ><! ... capital Lambda, Greek--> <!ENTITY "&XML-GRK4- STAG;&#x3BC ...

How to printf accented characters in ANSI C (like á é í ó ú ...

... L"\n" L"\x3B1\x3B2\x3B3\x3B4\x3B5\x3B6\x3B7" L"\x3B8\x3B9\x3BA\x3BB\ x3BC\x3BD\x3BE\x3BF" L"\x3C0\x3C1\x3C2\x3C3\x3C4\x3C5\x3C6\x3C7" L"\ x3C8\x3C9\x3CA\x3CB\x3CC\x3CD\x3CE" L"\n"); ...

HTML Entities and their Glyphs - Stan's Hub

Oct 2, 2018 ... α, α, α, α, Greek small letter alpha. β, β, &#946 ... ε, ε, ε, ε, Greek small letter epsilon. ζ, ζ, &#950 ... κ, κ, κ, κ, Greek small letter kappa ... μ, μ, μ, μ, Greek small letter mu ... ρ, ρ, ρ, ρ, Greek small letter rho.

Unicode Character 'GREEK SMALL LETTER ALPHA' (U+03B1)

Encodings. HTML Entity (decimal), α. HTML Entity (hex), α. HTML Entity (named), α. How to type in Microsoft Windows, Alt +3B1 Alt 224.

Unicode/UTF-8-character table - starting from code position 0300

U+03B1, α, ce b1, α, α, GREEK SMALL LETTER ALPHA ... U+03B5, ε, ce b5, ε, ε, GREEK SMALL LETTER EPSILON ... U+03B9, ι, ce b9, ι, ι , GREEK SMALL LETTER IOTA ... U+03BC, μ, ce bc, μ, μ, GREEK SMALL LETTER MU ... U+03C1, ρ, cf 81, ρ, ρ, GREEK SMALL LETTER RHO.